Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some People Have No Debt

Most people are deep in debt and will be most of their life, unless they make a conscious and determined effort to resolve the situation.

Others are fortunate individuals who either rich, inherited money, got a great job out of college, or received some large gifts. One savy entrepreneur person who I admire is Michael Arrington, who is the not only the founder of Tech Crunch , which reviews new hot Internet products , but also Edgeio, which is a search engine. He majored in economics, got a law degree, and easily got a job. In March 2007 he was named by PCWorld as one of the “The 50 Most Important People on the Web” by PCWorld in March 2007. Then in June 2007, CNN named Michael Arrington in their list of the top 100 business people and his company ,TechCrunch was named one of the 50 Best Business Blogs.

The point is that if your are in a similar situation, then you don't need to know all the credit card debt solutions. You are probably not in debt.

But if you are like the rest of use, then you are struggling to make your payments on time and drowning in a hole of debt.

If you are really in debt and have a hardship, then do youself a favor. Seek help.
Don't wait till it causes other problems. I know of families where it causes domestic violence, divorces, mental breakdown, and bankruptcy.

Make a decision to ask for help and find out your options. Call my friend Lenny who knows the busines and is a professional debt specialist.

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