Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Understanding Credit Card Debt Solutions

There are hundreds of topics to discuss relating to debt some of which are:

  • What is the difference in debt settlement and debt consolidation?
  • What risk are involved in incurring debt?
  • Are there any statue of limitations?
  • How does this affect my credit?
  • What is secured and unsecured debt?
  • What categories of debt apply to each of these programs?
  • Should I speak with the collection agencies?
  • Is it better to claim bankruptcy to get out of debt?
  • How can I stop creditor harassment phone calls?
  • Is it really possible to get out of debt in less than a year?
  • Is it really true that people can cut their debt balance in half?
Let me know what other topics you would like to put up for discussion concerning debt management and debt issues.

Being a debt expert for many years, I realize that each person that has debt which is just about everyone, is in just a little different situation than the next person. Having debt and having too many bills to pay, being late continuously on bill payments, late fees, penalties, and even cancellations fees give all of us a constant level frustration and anxiety.

Now it is time to fight back. Now consumers can use the credit card debt solutions that exist to reduce credit card debt legally without bankruptcy or debt consolidation.
This company , credit card debt solutions, offers a free debt consultation so you can discuss your situation and get answers to all your questions.

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Ted Walker
Debt Specialist

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